The hopeful symmetry of Fanon’s dual emergence was based not on a “metaphysical principle” of cultural authenticity or geopolitical exceptionalism (the African “tradition,” the Asian “temperament,” the Latin American “spirit”) but on the political and ethical principles of independence and security—a regional solidarity extended to any nation that seems to be internally vulnerable to antidemocratic governance or externally threatened by hegemonic, quadi-colonia powers.

With over 600 killed in the space of two weeks - 25% of whom were children - morgues in Gaza are literally overflowing with Palestinians saying their final goodbyes to loved ones. Others are not so lucky - they’re still searching under the rubble (and being shot dead by snipers while doing so). Many parents are having to do the downright agonizing and wrap their toddlers in white sheets - sometimes more than one child at a time - but we’re supposed to be showing the “good stuff that Israel does.

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